What is 'Biomedical Polymer'?

Our biomedical polymer, hydrogel, is non-toxic and thermosensitive. So, when hydrogel is in room temperature, it is solution. But, in body temperature its solution changes to gel. Based on this special property, we use this hydrogel for various biomedical applications.

  • Stem cell delivery

  • Gene delivery

  • Protein delivery

  • Chemical drug delivery

  • Tissue engineering

  • Cosmetic materials

Current News

2018 Lab Workshop in JEJU 

2018 Teacher's Day

Dr. Song and his students at Jam-sil

2017 Teacher's Day

Dr. Song and his students

2015 Oct. Climbing Suraksan

Dr. Song and current members

2015 The Korea Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology - Invited Talk

Thermosensitive polyphosphazene hydrogels for controlled delivery of biopharmaceuticals

2017 Lab Workshop

In Jeju

2016 Teacher's Day

Dr. Song and his students at Jam-sil

2015 Teacher's Day

Dr. Song and his students

2015 Lab Workshop in Jeju

In Yacht, we enjoyed Jeju ocean

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Science and Technology

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